About – Jesus Torres

Jesus Torres is the Post Production Specialist at Lee Media, and is responsible for crafting the moments, timings, colorings and emotions inherent in our edits. A born natural, he’s known for having laser focus, and the ability to tackle complicated challenging edits with style and finesse.

He loves spending time with his wife, his many pets, and experiencing new games, movies and culture in and around the Phoenix metro.

Growing up in the Phoenix metro area, Jesus always wanted to work full time in the media and entertainment industry. Studying at ASU, he learned the necessary skills and began honing in his craft. In 2021, he landed the job at Lee Media, and is now living the dream! Jesus has since hit the export button on hundreds of quality film and video pieces for clients of all creeds and production levels.

He lives for the positive vibes and kudos. And Tajin, which is at his desk at all times.