About – James Lee

James Lee is the owner and lead video producer at Lee Media, a production company based in Tempe, Arizona. With more than a decade of experience, James is known for producing high-quality work that is visually striking and effective at telling human stories. His team’s work has even been used in well-known prime time television shows.

He is a tall, fun-loving individual with a degree in Cinema and Video Production from Bob Jones University – skilled at crafting messages that resonate. James takes a thoughtful and deliberate approach, with a keen eye for detail when it comes to messaging, ensuring that his work is both nuanced and relevant while remaining widely accessible to the audience.

In addition to his skills as a video producer, James is also a musician with expertise on the piano, violin, and timpani. He even enjoys cooking gourmet ramen, which he lovingly refers to as “fancy ramen.” This ancient technique involves haphazardly incorporating whatever real ingredients can be found while rummaging through the refrigerator at the time of concoction. Each additional ingredient somehow contributes to his overall creativity.

Some other fun facts about James include having large 14-sized shoes and being extremely ticklish, the natural Achilles heel of tall people. Thankfully, James is family man, with three small daughters to guard his weak tickly spots and a beautiful wife to shield him.

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games like Destiny 2 and watching movies. Favorites include Reservoir Dogs, Traffic, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He is also a fan of music, with tastes ranging from Kenrick Lamar and Fatboy Slim to Bach, and he enjoys reading books such as Fahrenheit 451, the Shining, and Managing Management Time.

Having been homeschooled, James wanted the experience of attending a university and being involved in student leadership. After college, he worked at Adobe in their sales and marketing departments developing campaigns for a variety of products. And through his involvement in film festivals, James became a partner with a Mesa, Arizona-based media company.

After growing that media business, James was able to finally start his own. In 2018, Lee Media was established. James is particularly dedicated to excellent customer service and understanding each client’s unique set of needs – believing client needs ought to be met with the full gusto of a Hollywood budget. James commits himself to finding the creative solutions to production challenges, regardless of constraints. He does so via collaborative team leadership styles, and fostering a fun and supportive work environment.